Risk Free Cash On Delivery - WooCommerce

The most flexible plugin to apply rules on all COD products.
And any extra charge on any orders.
Key Features
  1. The option is based on Amount or Percentage.
  2. Extra fees collection option is available on COD orders.
  3. Enable/Disable COD feature.
  4. Text customization is accessible in the Shortcode terms.
  5. Timely Updates.
  6. Advance Payment Based on Minimum and Maximum Order Amount.
  7. Create two or more Rules to Cash on Delivery Orders.
  8. Cash on Delivery orders based on User Roles.
  9. Cash on Delivery orders based on Available Pin Codes.
  10. Cash on Delivery orders based on Country.
  11. Instant Development and Premium Support.
This plugin helps the E-commerce websites to prevent fake Cash on delivery (COD) orders, by collecting an advance payment which authenticates the order and approves it. An additional Extra fees option can be implemented according to the user requirements.
How It's Work?
This plug-in is to avoid the risk of Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, by enabling the advance payment option based on the user restriction category can enable or disable the COD option to the customers.

The rules applied to the plugin will try to match the customer inputs and matches the requirements and shows whether the customer is available for COD or not.

For Ex, If a user wants to purchase a 100k worth product, the seller will be bothered about the payment and whether the order is genuine or not, so this plug-in will help to collect a pre-advance payment on the COD product so it authenticates the order.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking
Get Advance Payment option for cash on delivery Orders.
Get Advance Payment option for cash on delivery Orders.
Get Advance Payment option for cash on delivery Orders.
Get Advance Payment option for cash on delivery Orders.
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